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  1. Jill, Your website looks great! It looks like you have just begun since there are not too many references yet. But a nice start. I’m jealous, since opur charity does not have a web site yet, though we have people lined up to help us. Good luck on your vegan venture. Charlie

  2. Jillian you are amazing!! I am so proud of you for doing something like this. I wish you the best and hope that I can benefit from your knowledge. I just got home from the doctor with some bad news. I will be continuously checking your website to help me start on the road to healthiness! Maybe you have some ideas on how I can stay off the meds. Once again, I am so proud of you!!

  3. I love the new website! I am so excited to see more. Im thinking of having you come over soon to teach me how to do a cleanse. I think I really need one!

  4. Jillian~ I am going to try alot of these recipes and attempt to do a cleanse.. never done it but have been wanting to.I will let you know how it goes. I will also pass this website around!!

  5. Jillian Rose,

    I love your website! The listed health benefits with each recipe are a great bonus…keep them coming!


  6. Jillian in the holy tantras the green eyed are from the Dakini realm ,and in deed you are, was wonderful to see you again

  7. I just wanted to ask what was the name of the brand of pasta that you recommended the other night. You said that you could buy it at Dominicks.

    Thanks for your suggestions,

  8. Hey, it it Kima. I love the website. Email me sometime your telephone # and we can meet up some time!

  9. Dear Jillian,
    I hope that this finds you well and thriving.
    My website has been updated to include the latest “skin care product.”

    Your website looks great…recipes and all.

    Let me know what you think… once you and moved and all.


  10. Jillian… What a pleasure it was meeting you and your Mother. Thank you for the tomatoes, too… they were delicious!! Love your website! All your recipes sound so delicious, I will have to try some of them sometime. Come see us again very soon, ok?

    Take care!

    Suzie and Don Lancaster
    Annie Wiggins Guest House

  11. Hi Jill,

    Canyou please tell me where I can purchae the seeds? i went to the Fruitfull Yield in Elmhurst and they did not have any plain containers of the seeds.

    Thank you for your help,


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